Saturday, 18 December 2010

Headlines on News 24: 03.12.2010:

Headlines on News 24: 03.12.2010:

Farm murderers leave chilling note:

"We have killed them. We are coming back".
From the above I can only assume the Victim was a Farm owner. He has been robbed, and killed by blacks
I hope and pray the perpetrators get arrested, and get life sentences.
I would even vote for the death penalty to be reinstated, just for this case. My Deepest condolences
I hope the Surviving members of that family get the strengths to survive this ordeal.
This is going to give Annelie Botes more reason to hate blacks, and maybe make her decide to leave this country earlier than she planned.

First I would like to say well done to the media by ensuring this incident does not go unnoticed by the world.
They have done a stunning job by ensuring this story makes headlines, "Another Farm killing in SA"
Some would argue and say: "If this incident happened in the Township of Likazi, or Ngodini and the victims were blacks,
Would it have made it into the headlines?

Bad things happen to all of us. When you see this thugs start attacking the whites that means they are now expanding their terror campaigns into the white neighborhoods.
Its sixteen years since the first election, why is there still a place called a white neighborhood. Why the term famer is still associated white a white Afrikaner male?

Bad things happened to the White People, and bad things happen to black people.

Due to the fact that over 75% of the people living in SA happens are black. 75% of crimes will be committed by blacks
And the fact that this black has been previously marginalized, and never managed to create wealth for themselves or future generations,
Criminal elements will come within these groups. I stay in an area classified as a danger Zone by the insurance companies,
And I have to pay exuberant amounts just to insure my car. That should tell you everyone know that the worst type of crimes happens in the black neighborhood,

But it seldom gets the publicity it deserves because nobody cares about a black live.
The loss of another black life is not news worthy to the people who have the cash to buy the papers or those who can afford to read it online.

Crimes affect us all, and many are not eager to do anything about it.
Building more jails, or getting all people to start patrolling the streets at nights (Depriving themselves of much needed rest for the next day ahead at work) is not the solution to our common problem

The solution lies in integrating all people of South Africa. It lies in the group efforts of all.
The current inequalities pose as a breeding ground for this extremist to identify their targets,
If we had a society where black and white could live together in one suburb, or township, it would be impossible for
These radicals to target anyone we need to do away with the racial segregated residential areas and everything else that we inherited form our past
In other words, if we need to move forward, we need to embrace one another, brothers in arms, and face our social ills

The question what everyone needs to ask them is the following:

Is this the kind of country I’m going live in, if yes, what am I going to do about it?
Am I a contributor on the brutally that happening in this country by condoning the wrongs that happening in and around you?
Am I a silent partner on the evils that befalls other people of this country by not razing my voice in the face of unfairness out of fear of being victimized yourself?
Do my actions contribute towards nation building and reconciliation or am I just stoking the fires that will implode this country in a civil war?
Am I going to be one of those working toward improving this country, even if it means I have to lose some of my belongings to help feed someone who has none?
Am I going to one of those who chose to close shop and run for shelter in other countries where everything seems better than out own country?
Do I do well to my fellow men, black or white?
Do I treat everyone in my surrounding with dignity and fairness?
In the workplace, do I ensure there is fairness in promotions, disciplinary hearings and dismissals?
Is the outcome of cases decided on its merits or do we chose sides based on skin colour?

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