Friday 23 September 2011

My Apple

My Apple

I had an apple once,
It was a red, juicy apple
I put it in my lunch box
To Enjoy this delicacy for my lunch
I kept thinking of my Red juicy apple
Packed neatly in  my lunch box
Every minute I would reach in the bag
To ensure the apple was still in there
I took it out on my lunch break
to have my long awaited deserved, snack
Looking at it, triggered my imagination
I started to imagine , and fantasize about.....
Sinking my teeth in its soft juicy belly
Juices spilling in my mouth like water flowing through a fountain
Slowly sliding on my tongue,
like waves on the beach, hitting against the rocks
Juices trickling on each side of my tongue,
Filling every pore, and grove in my mouth triggering ,and awakening all my taste buds,
So they could take part in rejoicing in the sweet rich juices
Every bite, every chewing, more, and more, and more juices To filled my mouth
And started showers for my tongue, teeth, and gums
before the juices slowly made its way down my throat
To fill the void in my stomach,
Then taken up in my blood streams,
And become the gas that fuel my lively hood,
I took a cloth, and wiped my apple gently
to exspose it's skin...Red, shiny,and more irresistible
Slowly I move it to my mouth,,,,
my tongue made contact with it,
I got this tantalizing feeling, all over my body
It was cold, soft, smooth, and round,,,,,
The urge.... to bite,,,grew,and gre , and grew..with every second
My teeth made contact with the delicate skin,,,
I closed my eyes, to savoir the moment,,,and embed it in my long term memories
The moment take the dive, and have my first bit.
My teeth slowly moved further apart......
Couldn’t take the bite, Couldnt wound such a beautifull
I loved my apple so much, Its was the perfect apple.
And I wanted to keep it, "forever"
A wise man once said.You can't eat your cake (Apple) and have it,

Thursday 21 July 2011

To the one who got away

It has been over 10 years since you departed
I constantly find myself Googling your name,
or searching for it on Facebook, and twitter
hoping to find some marks or traces  of your existence

How silly of me, Technology was not part of our times
Sometimes I dream of the hilarious things we’ve done growing up,
All the mischief, and crazy things we’ve done together
Not forgetting the punishments we took when we got caught

Memories of my youth, are intertwined with memories of you
I see your face , on the many a stranger
You were more of a brother than a friend to me.
Taking one for the team was your character trait
Even with all our fights, you were always the better man

With you around, I had courage, and strength
I remember you. My friend. My Brother. My Protector
You only really die once all traces of your existence has been wiped away
I guess you still alive, and I will keep your memories for a lifetime

Cyprian Muntuza Luvuno
Hope you found peace, in the afterlife.
You were gone too soon
They say the good die young, and young you went

Growing up with you, was an honour to me
You most definitely had my back.
And you had the scares to show it
Till we meet again, my brother

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Being a man

Being a man,

If you are a man, your destiny is to ensure the continuation of your bloodline
Everything else is a byproduct of your effort trying to achieve those goals.
It comes as no surprise as the rule of the jungle still applies to human being.
Only the strongest beast will get the chance to mate. Hence ensuring his bloodline’s survival
With humans, where brute force and power is not always the ultimate measuring stick, money is used as the substitute.

It’s not just one variation of bloodline we crave for. There needs to be variations, with different  mixed with different genes from different tribes. That’s why one is not allowed to wed in the same family. That’s the reason we are programmed never to be satisfied with the one woman we have .Our genes calls out to be mixed with as many different variations of other genes as possible.
In the end, I guess we heading the call in the bible. We have one mission, and one mission only. Go out and multiply.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Fall Of A Hero, And a Country

We are back in 1976. The “Apartheid” government is in power. Any demonstration against government is strictly forbidden. If you dare defy that order, its punishable, even by death. Shoot to kill is the message. Welcome to the New South Africa. The Rainbow Nation build on so much tears, and bloodshed. The more we anticipated changes, the more things stayed the same.

What a naive thought from our side hoping that with the election in 1994 everything would just change to normal, everyone would have a normal life. A life with dignity,  with a right to basic services. We forgot that people didn’t get in the struggle to stay poor. They had their own agendas for being in the struggle. Now they ripping the benefits.

We are 17 years in the New South Africa, People are still living in the same if not worse conditions bestowed upon them by the Apartheid government. The people who went out of their way to convince all and sundry that they, and only they alone are responsible for delivering the elusive freedom from the clutches of APARTHEID  went further to convince the masses that only they were qualified to lead the people into the newly found freedom, have failed  the masses miserable. Since they came into power, the most important thing on their minds has been to gather together wealth at any cost for the benefits of themselves, and family members. The spirit of entrepreneurship has been replaced with tenderpreneurship. We have overnight Billionaires, conveniently blood relatives of people in the highest office in the land. In short, if you want to make it in this country, you need to know somebody who knows somebody, or you need to be that somebody that has the key to the states treasury.

Most of the so called Black Diamonds  got their newly found wealth through connections to the ruling party. Funds designated for the improvement of the poorest o the poor are embezzled before it reaches its destination, to the detriment of the poor. Many fallen heroes of the liberation struggles are turning in their graves due to the current state of affairs today. Their dreams have been high jacked by the elite few. The better tomorrow they envisioned remains just that. A dream deferred. Poverty and crime is still the order of the day. Children of the elites goes to Elite schools, and those of the poor get second class education. Fit for Second class citizens.

The sad thing is those who see through this fa├žade, happens to be in the minority. There is nothing they can do to change the situation because their Votes will not make any significant difference on the outcome of any election. The lack of any viable opposition is also not helping their cause. It’s like being caught in between the Devil and the Deep blue sea, most opt to cling to the devil they know.
Is this the democracy we envisioned? How many struggles must we have before we get our share of liberty. A democracy were the all people can share in the same resources, and wealth of this country?

Is it too much to ask for if you demand a basic services like clean drinking water to drink. What if you really can’t afford the bottled drink water? Is demonstrating against the lack of service delivery really a reason for someone to lose his life. Was the law by the General to Shoot to Kill for the police actually directed at silencing the masses, by treating, and even killing them if they dare make their displeasures know? Is this the government we voted for? Is this the government we going to vote for? Is this the people we want to govern our lives.

 Do we have to keep our mouths shut, and watch while the political connected live their lives likes queens and kings. This people are removed from the realities of the common man on the street, The forgot what it is like to go to bed without food, They have forgotten how it’s like to spend a cold winter night without a roof over their heads, or without a blanket to offer some warmth through the cold night. How can we entrust out lives to people who have forgotten about us, and move to the suburb to live the African dream at the expensive of the poor?

I for one did not envision this future as it is today. I’m almost certain that I am not the only one who believes things could been better, with better leaders at the helm who sincerely from the people, for the people.

I tried hard not to mention names but one name worth mentioning is Andries Tatane
We can only hope that your life was not lost in vain. We can only hope that more people will awaken to reality, and see the monster that we have created by keeping quit, and pretended everything is OK. Let’s hope the people will come to realize that Absolute power corrupt absolutely. A one party state can only lead to disaster,
Zimbabwe didn’t get where it is by accident. Loyalty to a movement, certain individuals  against logic, wisdom and the well being  of the poor masses got Zimbabwe where it is today. It will take decades to rebuild that country. Why are we not learning?

Andries Tatane:
You will be remembered as a proud man. A man who gave back to the community he lived in through your chosen career as a Math’s teacher. A Man with a vision. And a dream of equity, and respect to human life.
A man who dared the powers that be to deliver what was due to the poor .
A Man who didn’t go into hiding when his believes was challenged. A Man who chose to live with the poor, and fight alongside them for a better living condition. A man who chose to fight injustice, irrespective of the colour of the government of the day. You knew that by standing on the sideline you would be betraying everything that you, and all other fallen heroes of the struggles stood for.
You , and those other fallen heroes are the true champions of the poorest  of the poor.
You were, and still are, a true a Son of the Soil.
Your name will go down into History as the one who defied the powers that wanted to silence a country of proud people.
The world does not have many like. May you find peace.
Your all was the fall of a Hero, and A People

Saturday 18 December 2010

Headlines on News 24: 03.12.2010:

Headlines on News 24: 03.12.2010:

Farm murderers leave chilling note:

"We have killed them. We are coming back".
From the above I can only assume the Victim was a Farm owner. He has been robbed, and killed by blacks
I hope and pray the perpetrators get arrested, and get life sentences.
I would even vote for the death penalty to be reinstated, just for this case. My Deepest condolences
I hope the Surviving members of that family get the strengths to survive this ordeal.
This is going to give Annelie Botes more reason to hate blacks, and maybe make her decide to leave this country earlier than she planned.

First I would like to say well done to the media by ensuring this incident does not go unnoticed by the world.
They have done a stunning job by ensuring this story makes headlines, "Another Farm killing in SA"
Some would argue and say: "If this incident happened in the Township of Likazi, or Ngodini and the victims were blacks,
Would it have made it into the headlines?

Bad things happen to all of us. When you see this thugs start attacking the whites that means they are now expanding their terror campaigns into the white neighborhoods.
Its sixteen years since the first election, why is there still a place called a white neighborhood. Why the term famer is still associated white a white Afrikaner male?

Bad things happened to the White People, and bad things happen to black people.

Due to the fact that over 75% of the people living in SA happens are black. 75% of crimes will be committed by blacks
And the fact that this black has been previously marginalized, and never managed to create wealth for themselves or future generations,
Criminal elements will come within these groups. I stay in an area classified as a danger Zone by the insurance companies,
And I have to pay exuberant amounts just to insure my car. That should tell you everyone know that the worst type of crimes happens in the black neighborhood,

But it seldom gets the publicity it deserves because nobody cares about a black live.
The loss of another black life is not news worthy to the people who have the cash to buy the papers or those who can afford to read it online.

Crimes affect us all, and many are not eager to do anything about it.
Building more jails, or getting all people to start patrolling the streets at nights (Depriving themselves of much needed rest for the next day ahead at work) is not the solution to our common problem

The solution lies in integrating all people of South Africa. It lies in the group efforts of all.
The current inequalities pose as a breeding ground for this extremist to identify their targets,
If we had a society where black and white could live together in one suburb, or township, it would be impossible for
These radicals to target anyone we need to do away with the racial segregated residential areas and everything else that we inherited form our past
In other words, if we need to move forward, we need to embrace one another, brothers in arms, and face our social ills

The question what everyone needs to ask them is the following:

Is this the kind of country I’m going live in, if yes, what am I going to do about it?
Am I a contributor on the brutally that happening in this country by condoning the wrongs that happening in and around you?
Am I a silent partner on the evils that befalls other people of this country by not razing my voice in the face of unfairness out of fear of being victimized yourself?
Do my actions contribute towards nation building and reconciliation or am I just stoking the fires that will implode this country in a civil war?
Am I going to be one of those working toward improving this country, even if it means I have to lose some of my belongings to help feed someone who has none?
Am I going to one of those who chose to close shop and run for shelter in other countries where everything seems better than out own country?
Do I do well to my fellow men, black or white?
Do I treat everyone in my surrounding with dignity and fairness?
In the workplace, do I ensure there is fairness in promotions, disciplinary hearings and dismissals?
Is the outcome of cases decided on its merits or do we chose sides based on skin colour?

Friday 5 November 2010

"Born without a silver spoon": South Africa, A place I call home.

"Born without a silver spoon": South Africa, A place I call home.: "I have nothing against the ANC. It is the party I voted for in past elections, with the hope that they would make South Africa a better pla..."

Wednesday 3 November 2010

South Africa, A place I call home.

I have nothing against the ANC.
It is the party I voted for in past elections, with the hope that they would make South Africa a better place for everyone to live in. A place everyone can be proud off to call home.
But some things concerns me about the way they go about doing their business. They tend to deviate from the business we elected them to do. I’m a South African born man, and has never left the borders of this great country (And have no intentions of ever leaving, except maybe for a holiday if I can afford one) I also have no intentions of ever leaving country,  or to migrate to another country. I love my Country, and Mine is to stay and fight for this Country and to make it a better place for the next generations.

I have started to develop doubts about the captains we elected  to steer this country in the right direction. I think they are messing up. How does one explain the prevailing high unemployment, crime rates, the failing educational system, and poor GR.12 pass rates amongst other ills of this Country?
As a resident of the township, I’m flabbergasted by the SAPS who priorities arresting people that are enjoying alcoholic beverages, more than focusing on hard core criminals who might be raping our sister, murdering our brothers for their possession, and blowing up ATM’s. They are denying law abiding citizens some times to relax with a beer ,after a week of hard work in the office. The police holding cells on weekend are full of detained people who's only crime was to have a drink while chatting to a neighbor on the opposite street. When someone is in real need of the police, you’ll be told they have no vehicles to attend to you right away, so you just have to take a number and wait in the queue.

South Africa is faced with many challenges like unemployment which have a direct link to the sickening crime rate in this country.
But it appears that crime get rewarded in South Africa, and criminals (With the right kind of connections) get all the protection they need.
Examples are galore, think of the real reason behind the demise of the scorpions, and the decision to stop the investigation into the Arms Deal probes.
Somewhere there’s a link, and the government doesn’t seem to care what we think of it. They are so arrogant and assured of our continues support in the ballots. They don’t mind pissing on our backs, and then have the audacity to tell us It’s not piss, but rain.
Most incidents relating to fraud (I’m talking white color crime, and fraud) are either committed by the same people we put in power. When they get caught, they somehow manage to escape punishment. I guess doing time is only meant for the poorest of the poor. How does anyone become a Director of 6 Companies while South Africa is facing such huge numbers of unemployment.
We have graduates sitting without a Job, and for some people to have so many positions just doesn’t make sense

How much longer are we going to tolerate that? Are we really that ignorant to accept that all they do is in our best interest, even though it’s clear that most of them are there for self enrichment. Most of the so called “Black Diamonds “ have direct connections or relations to someone who happens to be in Government, or someone who’s related to a struggle veteran. What about the average Themba on the street? Does he not fall under the previous disadvantaged group. Is it a questions him not being black enough ? What does one has to do to be recognized as one of those who fall in the group of those that needs to be empowered. The sad thing in Themba’s case is, he used to be categorized under the previous disadvantaged group in the New South Africa after 1994, and he still finds himself under the Current disadvantaged group after 16 years of liberation.

When it becomes clear that people are getting fed up by all this nonsense of corruption, nun delivery, and false promises, They do a cabinet reshuffle to buy time and appear to be doing something, while the reshuffle only serves as a vehicle to give other comrades a chance to get their hands on the public coffers. Not to mention the business deals and tenders that it will offer to the people connected to this individuals in the guise of BBBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment). In most cases BEE is a smoke screen, and it does not empower the people it was meant to empower, but the politically connected. I’m afraid that at the pace we going, we might end up with a Zimbabwean situation.

Every generations has a revolution, Maybe it’s upon us, the youth of today to take up the torch, and light the way to a better future.
I appeal to our young brothers and sister out there to stand up, and be counted upon. Who will be our next heroes to fight for our Economical Liberation?
Who’s name is going to be immortalized alongside the true heroes of the political liberation like Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Chris Hani , Elias Motsoaledi, Elmon Malele, and many others. We don’t need the wealth of this country to stay in the hands of the select few. Every South African who is willing to work hard should get a fair chance to create some wealth for himself.

As much as Apartheid’s legacies still exist today, we cannot keep blaming it for all our problems. Even once we started having after liberation.
We face current problems like economical empowerment for all South African’s and achieving pay parity according to gender and ethnicity.
According to the following article, the survey found that the average white male earned R25093 and his black counterpart R13684, which is “kak” if you ask me.
The problem I have with the difference in earnings is that it creates a bad perception.
Look at this scenario:
We have two guys, one black (Sipho), and the other white (Jack). They work for the same company, doing the same job, and having almost similar qualifications and skills, with the only difference being their earnings. Jack stays in the Suburbs in Sandton, and Sipho still stays in the backroom of his mother RDP house  in Thembisa because he cannot afford the things Jack can.
What perception will it invoke in Jack when he see the situation in which Sipho lives? He will think Sipho is careless, and irresponsible with his earning
It perpetuate the image and stereo type of a black man not able to use his brains.
Why can’t we all be equal in this day and age? And what is this government doing about this?

A political party must start earning their positions to be elected based on achievements and deliveries, and not just because they liberated us.(Keep in mind that as much as the ANC has positioned itself as the only champions of our liberations, they are not the only political party that brought us our Freedom. Other Parties like the PAC, AZAPO, Civil organizations, normal people on the streets, and the true heroes that sacrificed their lives all played an important part too) So, no one person or political party should claim credit for the liberation of the people of South Africa. It should be a collective credit. Yes, you and you, and you played a part in it.
I mean really, when are we going to wake up and hold some people accountable. We don’t need a small group of individuals that are empowered through their
political connections to justify enriching themselves through BBBEE. Every time they mention BEE, is the same old faces that appears.
I wonder how many people still see the ANC the champions of the poor, and the guardians of our Constitution, and for how long?

Maybe people should stop voting for people out of loyalty for our liberation.
We should vote for a party that will really be for the people, and not just the few politically connected individuals.
Unfortunately there is still no viable political party that can be the alternative to the ANC. A party that can be the true representatives of the people needs.
For a moment there seemed to be hope on the Horizon with the birth of COPE, but COPE has revealed itself for what it really is.
COPE is about people who lost power, and who will do anything to get some of that power back, at all cost. If this was not true, I supposed the matured gentlemen who are supposed to lead the movement were supposed to be able to put their differences aside for the sake of a greater cause bigger than themselves. Mr. Thabo Mbeki did himself a big favour by distancing himself from COPE, this ship would have gone down with him, as it appears it is on its way to self destruct. President Zuma did warn them that it would be cold and lonely out of the ANC, and they didn’t listen

There might still be hope for COPE, but the wise men of COPE needs to take a leadership stance, do the honorable thing and step down in order for new leaders to take up these positions. The current leaders of COPE has too much baggage which they inherited from the ANC. It’s quite difficult to view them as leaders who can bring about serious changes to the lives of many in this country. The DA, well, that’s a topic for another day. Their failure to appeal to the normal black man on the street is going to be a problem for them for many years to come.

If there is one common goal all South African’s should strive for, It is to avoid South Africa becoming a dominant one party state. (That’s if it’s not too late already) Keep in mind that absolute power corrupts absolutely

If anyone out there knows of any good party, that I and millions others out there who wants to make a difference, can vote for come next election, let me know. I want to make a difference. What about you?

Will the real South African’s please stand up, and make South Africa a place where all will feel proud to call Home.