Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Being a man

Being a man,

If you are a man, your destiny is to ensure the continuation of your bloodline
Everything else is a byproduct of your effort trying to achieve those goals.
It comes as no surprise as the rule of the jungle still applies to human being.
Only the strongest beast will get the chance to mate. Hence ensuring his bloodline’s survival
With humans, where brute force and power is not always the ultimate measuring stick, money is used as the substitute.

It’s not just one variation of bloodline we crave for. There needs to be variations, with different  mixed with different genes from different tribes. That’s why one is not allowed to wed in the same family. That’s the reason we are programmed never to be satisfied with the one woman we have .Our genes calls out to be mixed with as many different variations of other genes as possible.
In the end, I guess we heading the call in the bible. We have one mission, and one mission only. Go out and multiply.

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