Thursday, 21 July 2011

To the one who got away

It has been over 10 years since you departed
I constantly find myself Googling your name,
or searching for it on Facebook, and twitter
hoping to find some marks or traces  of your existence

How silly of me, Technology was not part of our times
Sometimes I dream of the hilarious things we’ve done growing up,
All the mischief, and crazy things we’ve done together
Not forgetting the punishments we took when we got caught

Memories of my youth, are intertwined with memories of you
I see your face , on the many a stranger
You were more of a brother than a friend to me.
Taking one for the team was your character trait
Even with all our fights, you were always the better man

With you around, I had courage, and strength
I remember you. My friend. My Brother. My Protector
You only really die once all traces of your existence has been wiped away
I guess you still alive, and I will keep your memories for a lifetime

Cyprian Muntuza Luvuno
Hope you found peace, in the afterlife.
You were gone too soon
They say the good die young, and young you went

Growing up with you, was an honour to me
You most definitely had my back.
And you had the scares to show it
Till we meet again, my brother

1 comment:

  1. still a shock to me that his gone. enjoyed my time with him! Surely you are and will always be missed. R.I.P Cyprian Muntuza Luvuno